New EP out soon!



“I accept what is and connect with other people to see what I see. Imperfection is beauty in my eyes.” Shon Wong, performer known as Son of James, was born and raised in Vancouver, BC.

At a young age growing up with a family of Chinese Opera actors and performers, music and art has always been a big part of his life. Shon would listen to classical Chinese music at home in their downtown family apartment. Down the halls, neighbours would blast Rock music heard easily through the walls, including music by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses, and Van Halen.. He would find himself back and forth between the musical environments, eager to catch the songs of the day from both home and hallways. As he grew older posters of Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee hung on his walls, depicting the split influences and inspiration all around him.

In 2000, Shon’s dad passed away. With this devastating event, Shon packed his bags and traveled to China for a one year work contract as an English teacher in Shanghai and Beijing. He then extended his trip by 3 months and backpacked around the country.

This was a crucial moment for him and shaping his future. Throughout his travels, Shon experienced healing and was inspired to come home and learn guitar, never playing an instrument prior to this. He did just that. Since 2001 Shon has been writing music and learning the instrument himself. As he would play guitar, he would hear influences of Chinese instruments floating over his music in his subconscious, which has inspired his unique sound to date. With dozens of songs, Shon felt happiness and peace in writing music but didn’t have any lyrics, melodies, or ambitions for the songs at the time.

2013 brought more unexpected turbulence as Shon lost his best friend of 5 years, girlfriend for 1 year to a battle with mental health. Another devastating fight, Shon found comfort and healing again in his music. This time, words and melodies flowed over the musical pieces he had written prior. Between the years of 2013 – 2016 Son of James was born and 9 original songs were crafted. Shon explains “Each song is painted with a rustic grace found on the train tracks of the wild west, carrying cargos of silk traveling from the orient.”

Son of James debut single is written for his late girlfriend. “RUNNIN represents a time I thought I was running to something, but in fact, I was running away from the reality of her death. The lead guitar represents my sadness, frustrations, and anger, and the erhu represents the haunting delicate sounds of my girlfriend telling me “It’s going to be ok”. We are having one last conversation. “

Fresh from gigging in Europe in 2016, Son of James came back inspired and released his music for the public. He is stepping into the studio to record his first EP at Bluelight Studios in Vancouver BC. This EP will include the single RUNNIN as well as 5 other originals written over his years. The release is anticipated to hit iTunes and radio summer of 2017.