Shon Wong, performer known as Son of James, was born and raised in Vancouver, BC. At a young age growing up with a family of Chinese Opera actors and performers, music and art has always been a big part of his life. Shon would listen to classical Chinese music at home in their downtown family apartment. Down the halls, neighbours would blast Rock music heard easily through the walls, including music by Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Guns N Roses, and Van Halen.. He would find himself back and forth between the musical environments, eager to catch the songs of the day from both home and hallways. As he grew older posters of Jimi Hendrix and Bruce Lee hung on his walls, depicting the split influences and inspiration all around him.

In 2013 Son of James was born and original songs were crafted. Shon explains “Each song is painted with a rustic grace found on the train tracks of the wild west, while carrying cargos of silk traveling from the orient.”

Son of James debut single “RUNNIN”is written for his late girlfriend. “RUNNIN represents a time I thought I was running to something, but in fact, I was running away from the reality of her death. The lead guitar represents my sadness, frustrations, and anger, and the erhu represents the haunting delicate sounds of my girlfriend telling me “It’s going to be ok”. We are having one last conversation. Also on the same ep, the song Reckless, reached number #1 on the Maryland college radio charts.

Son of James has since released a second ep named “Dragons in the Sky”. A concept ep that told the story of a day Shon had in Chinatown. Regret, Love, Reminisce and right back into trouble. The ep was well received with many great reviews.

“Son of James assert themselves as one of the most diverse and eclectic group of artists to grace the Canadian Independent Music Scene.” – Gerrod Harris, Canadianbeats.ca

Since the bands inception, Son of James has done various shows all over Vancouver, San Francisco, Nashville, Memphis and Europe. Most notably, Son of James just performed their hybrid Chinese Rock Opera (in collaboration with Vancouver Cantonese Opera) to a sellout crowd at CBC Studio 700.